Ultimate Partnering 8

August 19-21, 2016 Boston, MA

Dave Lindahl

Spend three days immersed with me and my team with the latest, most important systems to grow your real estate business, transform your marketing, revolutionize your deal making and dramatically increase your net worth this year.

Meet new partners, map out joint ventures, do more deals, do bigger deals, do higher profit deals and cash more checks in an event format designed for you to discover the missing link in your business that’s needed to give you that big breakthrough you’ve been looking for.

Through this unique event format, your new partner(s) and business building systems will be handed to you on a silver platter and you will discover how to put systems in place to grow your real estate business into a real viable business. An entity that will take care of you and your family for a life time and more.

You will separate yourself from those poor souls who look at their real estate investing as a hobby and because of this, they struggle and will continue to struggle.

Did You Know, There are 22 Million Businesses in North America?

98% of them either struggle, do OK, or barely survive, and unfortunately, in this unforgiving new economy, many will fail.

2% do extraordinarily well. They are profitable, immune to the economy and capable of attracting customers, deals and profits at will. Many of their owners are millionaires.

The difference between the two groups is not luck. It’s knowledge, action and a mindset of resolve, determination and action from the owners to do whatever it takes to master the strategies for success.

Business In America

Which group are you in? Which group do you want to be in?

If you are or want to be one of the elite few Entrepreneurs who achieve extraordinary results and profits in this new economy, then the only place to be on August 19-21, 2016 is in Boston for Ultimate Partnering 8!

The Entrepreneurs who gather for Ultimate Partnering 8 will range from medium to large businesses to simple start-ups. There will be real estate investors, business owners, business leaders, private money partners, financiers, developers...the list will go on and on...

Which business group are you in?

And they will have one thing in common:

Their owners will have focus, commitment and vision to understand the power of three days immersed in the leading edge of Networking, Partnering and Entrepreneurial Success. They wouldn't miss this life-changing event for anything. They’ll travel from every corner of the United States, Canada and, indeed, the world. These are the achievers who you'll be joining at Ultimate Partnering 8.

You never know what might happen, there is a good possibility that David may coach you or mentor you personally. Perhaps he or one of the many other entrepreneurs in the room may invest in you or invest in a project/business with you. You may be introduced to his personal network of highly successful business leaders, real estate investors, millionaires or celebrities...

Focus, Committment, Vision

Remember, in business, it’s not what you know, it’s who you know and that is why this event is set up to get you introduced to everyone in the room on day one, so you can decide how to focus your next three days creating new partnerships, negotiating new deals and securing new funding sources for your deals.

Below is a list of our current speakers and some of the topics they will be covering.

David will also be introducing you to some of the greatest and most unique entrepreneurial minds in business and if you know David, he will have some pretty high profile surprise guests too.

Dave Lindahl

Business Building / Business Coaching

Why Companies Succeed

Jeff Lindahl

26 Core Competencies of Every Deal

10 Mostly Costly Mistakes You Can See At Property Pre-Inspection

Student Housing

Jeannie Orlowski

Private Money

Scott Stafford

Emerging Markets

Robert Bowman

7 Steps To A Hot Commercial Deal

Laurie-Maire Hynes

How To Squeeze The Most Cash Flow From Every Deal

Nizan Mosery

5 Key Things To Do To Get A High Net Worth Person To Sponsor Your 100+ Unit Deals

Dr. Zen-Jay Chuang

Optimum Health


Throughout the event David Lindahl will be focused on delivering to you over 47 business building systems and ideas that you can implement immediately to increase your net worth by $1,000,000 in the year ahead as well as the successful parameters for starting new partnership relationships.

Throughout the event there will be deal making tables and networking activities so that you can ferret out your next joint venture and/or money partner to spring board you into bigger deals and better opportunities this year and next.

This event is geared toward you getting to know everyone in the room quickly, singling out the most probable, profitable, future partners and spending the rest of the time forging new relationships that can result in years of additional profits and net worth in your life.

Two girls from the Seattle, Washington area showed up at the last Ultimate Partnering event; they know of each other but don’t know each other; they meet during an early round of speed networking. Before they leave the event, they have merged their companies, leveraging each others skills and talent.

Six month later, their business has doubled in size. You will meet them at Ultimate Partnering 8, they told me that they “wouldn’t miss Ultimate Partnering 8 for the world!” You will be introduced to them and you can pick their brain!


Partner Your Way To Millions

This has always been the focus of the Ultimate Partnering event hence the name. Bringing people together for a common cause...to grow each other's businesses. You will discover how to attract money partners for your ideas and deals by increasing your sphere of influence.

You’ll start using these techniques at Ultimate Partnering 8 as there will be attendees, whose sole reason to be at the event, will be to partner with people like you and fund your venture.

We’ll even have a pre-event training on how to make the most of the event by doing certain key actions before you arrive and how to target and attract the best prospects for what even it is you are looking for at the event.

You will be able to use the techniques you learn on these pre-event conference calls and communications for ANY event you go to. The techniques are priceless and you will have this knowledge for the rest of your business life.

In your most productive real estate ventures and businesses you will probably have partners. You will create multi-million dollar paydays from the resources of others. Some of partners will have very deep pockets, other partners will come to the table with exceptional ideas and some will present great opportunities and together you will profit handsomely.

Carl Withers has two multi million dollar deals under contract and no money to fund them. He travels across the country to attend his first Ultimate Partnering Event in hopes of finding some funding so he doesn’t lose over $100,000 in deposits (it was not his money!). He leaves the event with over $3,200,000 in private money and his first two big deals funded...that was the catapult that took Carl to now over 2,000 unit today. His wife, who told him not go to any more seminars, is very, very happy!


Going Right To The Top Of The Private Money Ladder – Family Offices, Private Equity, Hedge Funds and Pension Funds

The easiest ways to fund your deals is by having very few investors in your deal. Actually, the best number of partners is one!

I’ve spent the last year going to events and giving presentations to Family Offices (Families whose net worth is $100,000,000 or more) Hedge Funds, Private Equity Companies and Pension Funds.

I’m battle weary but the information I share with you has been forged in fire.

I’m going to share with you everything I learned about how to present yourself to each one of these types of entities and you MUST present yourself differently to each one. If you have one presentation you give to all of your potential private money, you will not succeed in this new arena.

Here, it’s a different ballgame. Each one of these entities has their own goals and concerns. You must align your goals with theirs and you must answer their concerns in your presentation. Failure to do so will eliminate your chances of ever getting any funding from them...and they are a GREAT resource for funding.

I’ll go over the do’s and don’ts of how to approach each one of these entities so you can secure the second appointment...everyone leaves these meetings with a pocket full of business cards but only a few get the coveted second meeting, I’ll tell you what you need to do to get it, continuously.

Each one of these entities structure their deals differently as well. If you show a deal and it’s not structured the way they like it, you will immediately be seen as “green” and discounted as someone who does not know how to do business.

I’ll go through each one of these structures so you have the confidence to know you are speaking their language before, during and after each meeting you have with each entity.

This will short cut your success to getting BIG...REALLY BIG money to fund your deals. Imagine doing 15, 25, and 50 million dollar deals and knowing you have the money to fund them! This will be a business and life changing presentation.


Harvard University

What I Learned At Harvard

This is one of the most popular modules at the Ultimate Partnering Event. I’m an alumni of Harvard Business School, because I’m an alumni, I’m invited to classes and lectures throughout the year to enhance my business education.

Since I live just four miles from Harvard University, I go to a lot of continuing education….just like you do except I just happened to go to mine at the best business school in the world. What I do is summarize the best information I learned during the past year and distribute new business models I learned and systems I’ve been able to successfully implement to grow my business.

Once you incorporate this training in your life, your world will change forever and you will be a happy, happy person.

Some of the things I learned and will share:

  • How to build successful teams
  • How to take a business from zero to $100,000,000
  • How to expand successfully
  • How to lead your organization through growth and to success
  • Key leadership activities every successful owner implements
  • Key business mistakes leadership teams make and how to avoid them

I really enjoy sharing this information because I know how valuable it has been to my business and how valuable it will be for yours!


How To Get More Deals

Most businesses struggle because their phone is not ringing. You can have all the skills, all the knowledge but if your phone is not ringing, you have a struggling business.

During this module, we will have a panel of student who are out in the world doing business on a regular basis. What are they doing that you are not, where are they getting the deals, what techniques are they using, what relationships are they building, where are they looking where everyone else is not...

You will leave this module with a few pages of to do’s and with in sixty days, you will have two deals under contract that you would not have had if you had not listened to this panel...and think how many deals it will be worth to you through out the next year. This could be worth over a million dollars to you…just this segment alone.

Some people are coming to the event just to hear this panel.


Live Shark Tank

Back by popular demand!

Just like you see on TV, I’ll have a live Shark Tank where a panel of financial investors will listen to your presentation, whether it be a business idea or a real estate deal, ask you pertinent questions and either tell you your idea is a dud or compete against each other to fund your deal. At the last event, it got pretty heated as three of the sharks competed against each other for several deals. We thought it was going to come to blows, this year we will have security in the room!

We’ll also have an update of deals that were done in the past, like the Marina that got funded, the land development deal that is in process of being done and the countless apartment buildings that got financed.


Ready, Fire, Aim

Ready, Fire, Aim

Ready, Fire, Aim is a concept I discovered many years ago and have applied it to all of my business systems to create exponential results in a short periods of time.

Bigger actions done in a faster time frame create greater, much greater results.

If you want to achieve massive results this year and next, you must do things differently. At Ultimate Partnering 8, you will discover the Seven Step Strategy to execute your ideas. How many times have you had a great idea….a million dollar idea…and before you got it off the ground, you were off onto something else. And why does that happen?

Two reasons, one, because life gets in the way, you get busy... and two, because you're an Entrepreneur, you come up with great ideas on a regular basis...problem is, you don’t execute and then live a life of quiet frustration. You will discover the key secrets to timeless execution and you will be amazed at how simple yet profound it will be.


David Lindahl

Win A Car...A BMW!!!

That’s right, we are giving away a BMW! And when you sign up for this event during the early bird special, you will get three keys….three chances to put in the ignition to see if you will be the one driving home in a brand spanking new BMW.

You know you deserve it, you know you want it, why wait until you are uber successful. Do what every personal success coach tells you to do…act as if. Act as if you are the success you are going to be when you go home driving this brand new BMW...oh what fun!!

Meet Dave Lindahl

I’ve been called North America’s Leading Authority on Entrepreneurial Success, I’m a Harvard Business School graduate and more importantly a 23 year veteran starting and owning multiple businesses.

I am renowned for my unrelenting focus on strategies that produce wealth increases of 50% – 250%. Every year, I help thousands of business owners start and /or grow their business, increase their profits, free up their time, transform their internet strategy and radically shift their Entrepreneurial thinking.

I’ve been featured in Forbes Magazine, Wall Street Journal, Reader’s Digest, Kiplinger Magazine and been seen on NBC, CBS, Fox News, and ABC. My VIP Inner Circle, “L”-Evate is North America’s leading Entrepreneurial success group and my Secret “L” Society is an elite, closed door, private members group focused on advanced strategies for Entrepreneurial Wealth and Philanthropy.

For over a decade, I have scoured the world “modeling” the top 1% of Entrepreneurs, those who achieve stunning results compared to the rest. These are the business owners who are sailing through the current economy. I “translate” what they do into simple but profoundly effective steps so you can achieve what most believe to be impossible. I help thousands of business owners like you every year.

We’ll be covering A HUGE AMOUNT of new material in three days so prepare for a whirlwind of partnering and profiting strategies.

Our Guarantee

Our Guarantee

Your remarkable $1,000,000 Guarantee that means coming to Ultimate Partnering 8 will effectively cost you nothing.

I believe so passionately that these three days are absolutely essential for you and your business; I'm willing to offer you the following, very unusual guarantee:

If by 3:00pm on the first day, you are not convinced that Ultimate Partnering 8 is going to be worth at least $1,000,000 to you and your business, you may leave the event and claim a full refund, no questions asked.

Why am I making this outrageous but powerful guarantee? Simple. I insists that the event effectively costs you nothing. You can only make money by coming to these three days that will transform your business forever. And I know the power of the material you’re about to experience.

So, reserve your place now because you have absolutely nothing to lose and a huge amount to gain!

For Existing Businesses

If you run a well-established or going business, Ultimate Partnering 8 will give you the most effective, proven strategies in the world for growing your business and give you the opportunity, in a structured atmosphere to meet other entrepreneurs and real estate investors with whom you can create new relationships, make deals and forge new partnerships.

Most businesses are functioning at less than 30% of their capacity. This is a shocking waste. It means that you could be losing a fortune in untapped profits every month. Because we are so close to our businesses, it can sometimes be a challenge to see the potential that often lies right in front of us. During our three days together, you will uncover goldmines of opportunities giving both you and your business significantly more financial freedom.

For New Businesses and Start-Ups

If you are starting a new Business Ultimate Partnering 8 is ESSENTIAL for you in this economy.

Not only will you discover how to avoid the costly mistakes that lose many start-up businesses a fortune, but you’ll also be launching your business with the most powerful, proven and effective strategies in the world to create the success that you deserve.

Don’t leave it until it’s too late like so many businesses. NOW is the time to master world class Entrepreneur success skills for you venture.

Why you should bring your Colleagues and key Family Members to Ultimate Partnering 8

It is essential your colleagues in your business understand the strategies you’re going to be experiencing at Ultimate Partnering 8 because they will be a key element in the fast implementation process that will maximize your success. It’s also important they understand your mindset and thinking. Many Entrepreneurs complain it’s hard to motivate team members. The best way to motivate is to have everyone share in the thinking of driving your business strategy. SO having your colleagues come with you to Ultimate Partnering 8 and share this incredible experience is very important.

You are strongly encouraged to bring your key family members to the event as well. It’s so important to get the support from your family that we allow you to bring one family member as your guest for free!

There is no better feeling when you are succeeding together with your family members. The reason you want to be a business success is so you can better take care of your family, let them be part of your growth! You’ll be an unstoppable team!!


A unique and unprecedented experience giving you everything you need to add an additional one million dollars in net worth to your personal account.


A uniquely structured event designed to facilitate the creation of new partnerships and deal making. There will be specially constructed speed networking sessions where you will have the opportunity to meet EVERYONE in the room (this is one of the most popular activities at the event). There will be a specially constructed deal making area, where tables will be set up for you and your potential new partners to construct your new deals.

three days WITH DAVE

three days with me and my team, nobody comes close to our ability to look at your business and immediately identify the strategies to untap the hidden profits waiting to be claimed by you. During the Summit you will experience over 47 different strategies all focused on enabling you to cash more checks in the year ahead.


Finally master great deal sourcing strategies, the vital key to any successful business.


Meet some of the Worlds Greatest Entrepreneurs and have the ability to create new partnership with them.


Re-invigorate your team, have them both inspired by possibility, and armed with real world strategies to drive your business to levels of exceptional growth.


If you’re staring out new, this will be the most important, powerful start to launch your new business to get you to a continuous, sustainable revenue stream as soon as possible.


Discover negotiating techniques that will get you into more deals, bigger deals and will put more deals and money in your pocket immediately!


Your $1,000,000 Guarantee means you can only make money by coming to Ultimate Partnering 8.


Your next business partner, money partner and/or business breakthrough is waiting for you at Ultimate Partnering 8.

Ok, how much is it?

How much would you be willing to invest in an event, actually how much will you be willing to invest in yourself, in an event that could put you in front of your next business partner, your next private money partner, an event that will give you skills and business techniques which will allow you to create the breakthroughs your looking for in your business in 2016.

Education Is Money

How much would you invest in an event that could take you from where you are today to doubling or tripling your business?

An event that could finally give you the foundational information that has your business creating a lifestyle for you and your family instead of creating another job for you?

Would you pay $20,000 for business and financial independence? Heck, the two deals you will do within six months from the information you will get from the Marketing panel will be worth way more than that! Would $10,000 seem cheap? How about $5,000, which is $105,000 less than I paid Harvard Business School when I was a student there!

No, you won’t pay $5,000, you won’t even pay $3,000, the investment in Ultimate Partnering 8 is only $1,495...$1,495! A very easily justifiable amount compared with the amount of systems and education you will get plus the opportunity to network and partner with some of the best and brightest entrepreneurs in North America!

"You And Your Guest Comes To The Event For The Investment Of Just $495..."

Imagine what you will lose if you do not go...actually you don’t have to imagine it, you are living it now. If you are happy with the amount of business you are doing now, if you are happy with your revenue stream and if you happy with your quality of life you are currently leading...this event is not for you.

This event is for those striving to get a get a business breakthrough that will substantially increase the quality and amount of the business they are doing now.

And, as I said before, you can bring a Guest! It can be a spouse, a friend, a business partner, employee, team member…..who ever you choose, absolutely FREE. And don’t stop there, at this price, you can sign up more team members!!!

And here is something more exciting. If you act now, you will be enrolling before the early bird deadline of December 19. and you qualify for the early bird special. That means you and your guest comes to the event for the investment of just $495!!! That’s a 77% discount!! And you get three keys each to win the BMW!!!! People who sign up after the early bird special pay $1,495 and get only one key!

So, reserve your place now because on August 19-21st Ultimate Partnering 8 takes place in Boston MA! You have absolutely nothing to lose and a huge amount to gain!

Dedicated To Your Fast Path To Success,

Dave Lindahl

David Lindahl, Founder
RE Mentor

PS – to get the early bird special and save $1,000, 77% off the list price and get three keys to win the BMW, contact the office right now at 781-878-7114 or click the button above. Yes you save a lot of money but you are going get so much value through the networking, partnerships, Shark Tank, Harvard Business School teachings...and so much more!!

PPS – this is the only event where you get to meet everyone in the room on day one through speed networking so you can pick and choose who you want to spend time with and create relationships during the event and this will be the only time I share information on how to get funding from wealthy family offices, hedge funds, pension fund and private equity. Invaluable information learned from my own experience. Sign up now and save 77% off the list price.